Diets Quick Weight Loss

Big surprises come in great packages. But this cliché will not really work when we are talking about losing weight effectively. Instead, having a surprising weight is synonymous to having heavy baggage. And this is even heavier to carry especially for women. Of course, women are expected to look good in a lot of special occasions like high school reunion or wedding day.

Diets Quick Weight Loss

No wonder a lot of women right now are resorting to diet quick weigh loss regimens that are actually bad for their health. Some of which includes crash diets and even up to the point of taking in laxatives which are proven to be the factor of deterioration of one’s health.

Obviously, most people only thought of going on a diet weeks or even days before a big event wherein they must look slim. This diet quick weight loss is proven to be very ineffective. Thus, what we must instill in our mind is that it is not a sin to go on a diet. But we must do our diet every partnered with healthy living and exercise. This is the only secret when it comes to proper diets quick weight loss.

It is important that one must burn even more calories compared to the consumption that he is making. Also, be particular when it comes to the food that he/she is eating. It is highly recommended that one does away with starches and salt, but if these cannot be avoided, then at least cut on its daily consumption. This is so since these two ingredients are known to have water retention in organisms. In addition, salt is also known to cause hypertension and thus proven unhealthy if taken in large amounts.

So, the best diets quick weight loss program must include the consumption of lean meat, non fat dairy products, fish, skinless poultry, soy, egg whites, fruits and vegetables. And instead of getting yourself drowned with too much soda, consider drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. After all, water is known to flush toxins out of the body that are commonly stored in body fat. And because of this it is very hard for most of us to lose weight.

It is never impossible to lose up to 4-5 pounds in a given week provided that one practices exercise plan and right nutrition. It is not really advisable for one to weigh daily instead one must have a check up in a weekly basis. By doing so, one is able to track progress and at the same time maintain the enthusiasm in doing diets quick weight loss. And lastly, it is very important for you to have a training partner who can be your support system in doing your diets quick weight loss plans. There are even studies that would show that doing trainings and workouts in a group setting can deliver better results. This is evident because one is motivated to work harder and longer alongside other people.

Do You Often Think About Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

How many times do you look in the mirror, see yourself and after that wish that there was some sort of magic spell that you could do to make your body quickly end up being the size you imagine it being? How often do you think “I really need to lose a couple of pounds” How typically do you match these thoughts and wishes with wishes for simpler exercise regimens, more energy and time for cooking healthy food and less desire to just drive through the nearby drive through window? Everyone wishes these things. Even if you like your current weight, you have actually most likely wanted to weigh less at least once in your life. Here are a couple of weight-loss suggestions that you can use to assist get you on to the best track.

Talk to your medical professional. Your medical professional will be able to help you determine your weight-loss objectives. This will be based upon your height, your lifestyle and your case history. Once a goal has actually been recognized your physician will help you decide the best ways to arrive. Your doctor is knowledgeabled in physical fitness and nutrition. Together, the two of you can create an affordable calorie consumption to keep you nourished while still enabling you to drop weight. He or she might even assist you develop a workout routine to help you burn calories and get you to your goal. Do not aim to do this all alone. A medical professional will help you make certain that your weight loss goal is a healthy one. A weight loss support group is a blessing to individuals who have difficulty with motivation. The Fat Diminisher Diet and Weight Watchers have decades of success under its belt. This is a program that helps you work with others who are also trying to lose weight. The program assists members track how many calories they consume every day while likewise providing them with valuable tips about consuming well without taking in a lot of calories. The program is also helpful due to the fact that it provides members with workout ideas and other weight loss techniques too. If going to meetings is going to be a hassle for you, you can use the online application instead.

Search for a diversion when you are exercising. Pay attention to music or put a television set in front of your treadmill. Check out a book while you ride a stationary bicycle. Discovering an interruption will keep your mind away from the work you are doing. If you have something else to occupy your mind, you are more likely to keep doing your exercises. Distractions are a terrific anti-boredom gadget. It is harder to see results from working out if you get bored throughout the routine and begin to slack off making it go much faster.

Everyone worries about weight reduction at least a few times during their lives. The key to completing a successful weight reduction program is to come at it with the best attitude and to keep yourself influenced so that you don’t quit. You can quickly get down to your objective weight if you discover methods to see the different parts of your weight-loss program in a favorable light.

For more tips what the video below:

10 EASY Ways to Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

Reviewing The 3 Week Diet Plan

Summer time is fast approaching. We all want to look our best during this time since our clothes will be getting skimpier and less due to the heat. But who wants to be seen with a bulging stomach and be on a chubby fat side during beach season? That is why we all look for something that can help us lose some weight. There is a new guide available right now in the market, it is called the 3 week diet plan and it is the best option for you to have as summertime approaches. The author, Brian Flatt has released his 3-Week Diet program ready for the world.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Review

With the diet plan in place, you can set your schedule and base your weight loss just on food. The plan is so simple and laid out with clear explanations and great designed illustrations. Everyone can understand it very well and the preparations are easy to follow. The instant download will have you with 4 program brochure all related to fat loss and weight reduction techniques, each work in a sequential manner. Brian Flatt’s design of his 3 week diet plan is pretty impressive because it has been proven to work fast with just 3 weeks worth of dieting. Nutritionist, science communities and professional fitness trainers all recommend this diet program by Brian Flatt. They have experienced first hand the effectiveness of the product as well as their clients. With just under 3 weeks, you can really notice the difference within yourself and compare the look that you have 3 weeks prior. This program really works.

The 3 week diet plan author Flatt has dedicated his entire career focusing on the human body and anatomy. His professional work involves health and fitness studies throughout, so with this he was able to identify the best possible solution that one could try to get themselves losing weight with very minimal effort and less time to accomplish. He has tried all the methods included in the ebook to all his previous and existing clients, and with many years of experience and coaching, he has devised a working method that works for everyone. Guaranteed 12 pounds and up to 25 pounds of weight loss from fats, then 2-4 inches of waistline reduction and sizes of 2 to 3 numbers will be reduced to the individual who’d partake to his diet. This is explained further and in detail right on his ebook.

The cost of the membership to have instant downloads on the products is just $40. The first manual you must download is the Diet Manual. It contains the methodology and the practice of weight loss in general. And it also teaches and educate you the trick and ways to make your body work and burn fat faster even with little to no workouts.

The last 2 ebooks comes in the form of workout manual, where exercises are explained and guided so that your dieting can be fast tracked, another manual the emotional mindset and motivation summarize everything you need to stay within the program and get you motivated to achieve your goals. The last is the tracker and progress report sheet.

Click here to learn more about the 3 week diet plan

11 Exercise That Help Decrease Knee Pain

11 exercises that help decrease knee pain

If you are having problems related to your knees and feel like you are in a metal suit when you wake up in the morning, don’t worry because there are many like you. There are approximately 50 million other people in the US with the same problem.

When it comes to the joint injuries, knees are at the top. The pressure on your knees is quadruple the weight your body has when you are performing an easy movement such as walking up the stairway. This means that the normal use might damage your knee and limiting your ability to move around freely.

The good news is that it is never too late. Just like an old hinge, the knee joint can be fixed with proper approach. If you are already dealing with some knee problems, simple exercise involving all the muscles around the knee such as the back, front, outside and inside thigh muscles will help a great deal in reducing stiffness and pain.

The following are stretching and strengthening exercises for your knees:


Knee Flexion – Sit on a chair and loop at towel under one of your feet. Pull the towel with your hands such that the knee bends and the foot is about 4 to 5 inches off the ground. Hold the highest comfortable position for a few seconds then release. Do the same for the other leg and repeat the same movement a number of times.

Knee Extensions – Sit on a chair and rest one foot on a second chair such that your knee is raised slightly. Push the knee you have raised up towards the floor only using your leg muscles. Hold he position for 5 or more seconds, release and repeat about 5 times for each of your legs.

Hamstring Stretching – Stand with one leg in front of you with your toes up. Use your hands to provide balance with the help of a chair, bend the other hip and knee without bending the lower part of your back. Continue bending up to the point you feel some stretch in your hamstrings. Make sure your upper body is coming forward at your hip area and hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat the same for the other leg. (5 times for each leg)

Heel Slide Knee Extension – While laying on your back, with your right knee bent and the right foot flat on the ground, slide the right heel away slowly from your body to a position where your legs are parallel. Hold the position for a few seconds and then repeat the same movement 5 times for both legs.

Rehabilitation Knee Sleeve

The neoprene knee sleeve has been around for a few years now and initially the original sleeve was designed to assist athletes by enhancing their training and performance. The modern knee sleeve is much more, often over looked as an aid to knee recovery.

I’ve tested a number of knee sleeves over the years with limited success but the recent advancement in neoprene materials by a company called KASP has made the knee sleeve a serious contender for consideration. My advice would be if you have any form of knee pain and want to do any basic tasks without pain, walking, climbing stairs or light exercise these are worth testing. (more information)

Strength Training Exercises

Bent Leg Raises – Sit on a chair and straighten one of your legs in the air making sure you are not locking your knee. Hold this position for a minute and bend the knee such that your leg is halfway lowered to the ground. Hold the leg for about 30 seconds and return it to the starting position and repeat the same movement about 4 times for each leg.

Wall Side – Lean on the wall such that your back is on it and bend your knee to about 30 degrees as you slide downwards and up again. Use your hands to balance your body as you move gently and smoothly. Keep your legs parallel and ensure that your knees are not out over your toes. Repeat this movement between 5 and ten times.

Straight Leg Raises – Sit on a chair and use another chair to rest your feet.  Lift the foot on the chair some inches from the chair and hold the position for about 5 seconds. Return it to the initial position and repeat the same movement about 10 times for both feet.

Stationary Bike – Biking is one of the most effective ways you can use to strengthen different muscles around the knee. The only important thing is to ensure you have the correct position.

Your level of mobility and activity should determine how high or low you start on the stretching and strengthening exercises. A few stretching and strengthening exercises everyday will ensure your knees are strong and the pain is greatly reduced.

Taking Those After Baby Pounds Off!

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

I remember when I gave birth to my beautiful girl as it would have been yesterday. I also remember that, on the same day as I gave birth, I asked myself, “how long will it take until I lose that baby weight again?”. I know that this is something a lot of new moms ask them self very shortly after they gave birth. You might have even been asking this prior to you gave birth. There is probably absolutely nothing worse for a brand-new mother than to have her closest buddies making her feel self aware about her weight gain during pregnancy. Dropping weight after pregnancy is really less problematic than numerous other times in a female’s life. I lost that extra weight quite quickly to be honest and it wasn’t that difficult. Below are some tips and and suggestions you can follow to get rid of that extra weight you put on during pregnancy.

First, I wanted to recommend a massage, which i have been taking. It’s called post natal massage and I really loved it. You can learn more about it at It was so relaxing and I also enjoyed the time for myself. I believe that this helped me also getting rid of that extra fat especially around my belly. Maybe it wasn’t directly related to massage. Maybe it was more because of the relaxing time I had. However, I would recommend that to every woman who gave birth.

Weight loss after pregnancy is special to other forms of weight loss, due to weight loss being simpler if you eat for according to your appetite pangs. Normally, when you are nursing a newborn, you long for specific things since your body needs the nutrients those things include. You will be more upbeat and this will make it more effortless for you to handle the brand-new restraints of being a parent.

Just how much weight did you gain during pregnancy? This can be type of a sensitive concern for a great deal of ladies. How rapidly you do away with pregnancy weight can be directly influenced by just how much you weighed to begin with. If you remained in the regular variety and didn’t acquire more than your doc advised you shouldn’t have a hard time eliminating the weight after child. If nevertheless you were obese prior to pregnancy it can be harder to drop that weight. You will most certainly have to be in a frame of mind of effort to drop those pregnancy pounds. Prior to you start a weight reduction routine consult your doctor.

Obviously there will be long times that all you wish to consume is processed food, however make an effort to keep healthy foods in your house. Vegetables and fruits are exceptional snacks when you end up being hungry. Another favorable aspect of these sort of treats is they are excellent for your body, in comparison to chips or candy. The nutrients consisted of in fruits and veggies are vital to your body. Another terrific thing is that even if you are trying to do away with excess weight you can delight in any fruits and vegetables you are food craving. You can snack until you feel complete and not have to stress about undoing any of your weight loss efforts.

While virtually everyone ultimately drops weight after pregnancy, it takes a little bit longer for some women. This is one kind of weight that must not be shed through the traditional “eat a lot less and exercise a lot more” mindset. When you are looking after a newborn, you have different requirements than somebody who is not a new parent.

For right now, then, when you think about reducing weight, you have to keep your very own health, which of your baby, in mind. There’s no reason to be concerned; it’s a natural process!

3 Exercises Every Snowboarder Should Do To Get Prepared For The Slopes

I remember when I first got into snowboarding, I went online and spent time on different sites looking at the different gear I needed. Looking back I remember that bright shiny feeling any sportsman feels when they get hooked on a new sport, and being a snowboarder was no different.


Absolutely no question about it, having nice gear is a fun thing to go and do, but when it comes to being prepared for the slopes getting ready with the right exercises is just as important as getting the right gear, and so here are the top 3 exercises I recommend to help you prepare for the slopes if your new to snowboarding or a seasoned pro.

Firstly its important to think about your endurance, flexibility and strength as if its been a while since you’ve been on the slopes then you will be out of breath, panting and worn out, as its probably been a year since you have been on the slopes, and if your new to this sport it might come as a real surprise on how out of shape you feel, so getting the basics down is real important.

Tip 1: Head down the gym, and start to do basic cardio and strength training, you will be surprised how 30 minutes 3 times a week at the gym, over the course of a month will make a difference to your basic well being and prepare you for the slopes as your endurance and naturally your strength will increase.

Tip 2: Instead of taking the bus or train or jumping in the car, walk more. Simply walking for half an hour a day will strengthen your legs. Also remember to take long in and out breaths to get your lungs in motion. Imagine when your out on the slopes, how much physical endurance you will need to have, so this simple act of walking and taking long breaths will help your body be prepared.

Tip 3: Now here is my favorite tip, as it involves doing something fun like canoeing, kayaking or simply hiking. If your into snowboarding then other adrenaline sports like this will be close to your heart, so a few weeks or months before you go, head up to somewhere interesting like a lake or mountain area for a day or two and get active in different sports in order to strengthen different parts of your body.

Now here is a bonus tip for you, as I think it will make a world of difference. As you can imagine the amount of strength your body will need for snowboarding is higher than normal day to day life in the office, so having a dry bag, something like this camping dry bag, will make you push yourself that little bit extra. I use the KASP Professional Dry bag when I do my training, and you may want to do the same. I fill it with all my possessions such as phone, iPad, wallet etc, so when I’m out on a run, or down the gym, because it holds 15 liters of space, which when full can become quite heavy helps to strengthen areas of your body you would not be able to do normally. After a while stop for a break, and then as you have the dry bag with you, pull out from your KASP dry bag your phone to make a call, or check the internet on your iPad, which helps you relax for a bit, and then put it back in the bag and keep on going. By using it and having it close, your getting that extra physical strength work for your back, shoulders, and thighs that will make such a difference when your out having fun on the slopes in the near future.

These tips have made a big difference for me, and I hope they will for you on your next snowboarding adventure.

5 Benefits Of Using Exercise Gloves For Weightlifting

Exercise Gloves For Weightlifting

Some exercising apparatus are dubbed to improve the safety of your exercising routines, thereby negating the possibility if harming your body on the premise of exercising. It is on this basis that weightlifters have fallen in love with weightlifting gloves.

Every proponent of weightlifting gloves has his or her benefits that he or she considers important, therefore, keeps using the gloves. On the other hand, weightlifting gloves detractors swear never to use those gloves due to the insurmountable disadvantages they deem too detrimental.

With this in mind, many novice weightlifters are bound to find themselves in bewilderment on whether or not to use them. Herein are some of the advantages of using weightlifting gloves to novice weightlifters. It will go a long way in helping you decide whether you need them or not.

Benefit #1: Improved Grip

Although this is a controversial advantage, exercise gloves are said to improve one’s grip on barbells and dumbbells. The premise behind this is the fact that the gloves reduce the ‘aquaplaning’ effect of sweat that comes with exercising.

By improving the grip, the gloves improve one’s safety while exercising as the potential of the weights falling and hurting you is negated to as little as possible.

Benefit #2: Preventing Callus

Adamant gloves users use this as the main advantage that keeps them using the gloves every time they hit the gym, and for a good reason. Many resistant exercising tools are made of metal, which in many cases are rough and quite abrasive to the skin. The amount of abrasion is greatly reduced by providing pudding for the hand, which is well done by the gloves. There are very few apparatus that can prevent callus or blisters as gloves can.

Benefit #3: Reducing Pressure

While weightlifting is meant to provide resistance to the muscles, the amount of pressure that the hands are put under is tremendous. In many cases, weightlifters are unable to lift weights many times due to the pressure that the hands experience not that the muscles are tired.

Wearing gloves reduces the amount of pressure that the hands are placed under, therefore, as a weightlifter you can push your body even further thus gain more from the exercise.

Benefits #4: Wrist Support

There are more modern gloves that are designed to provide extra support to the wrist. The gloves have a strap that wrap around the wrist, improving the stability of your arm.

Many weightlifters use the glove specifically for this support as it reduces the possibility of a wrist injury.

Benefits #5: Improved Techniques Of lifting

Certain weightlifting exercises require the wrist and the palm to remain in the same position all the while, such as bench presses and shoulder presses. Gloves help you to do exactly this with ease.

These are some of the benefits of using gloves while weightlifting. If comfort while lifting weights is a priority, you should consider investing in a pair of weightlifting gloves. However, you should take note that not all the gloves are the same. Look for fitting gloves that are comfortable in your hand.

Develop An Effective Fitness Regiment Following These Tips

Many people develop a work out plan to improve their fitness. Even if they stick to it, it may not work if the fitness program isn’t right for them. If you are not sure what you need when it comes to a fitness routine, you are not likely to meet your goals. In order to maximize your level of fitness, you need to put together a very customized workout routine that you will follow exactly. The following advice will help get you on your way.

Fitness Group

Begin With Your Body

Most effective exercise programs need to be tailored to the user, and this is something a lot of people overlook. Resist from following what other individuals are doings because at one point along the line, your body will not be in a position to cope with the routine at hand.

You need to grasp the basics of physiology and how they influence your workout. As an example, you may suffer from joint pain, which could keep you from doing certain exercises. If you understand this and still go forward with the wrong exercise, it puts you at risk of pain and injury because you are trying to follow someone else’s program instead of your own. Naturally, you would use your head and make wise substitutions to avoid injury and get optimum results.

Focus On Being Intense

It is important to consider your goals as you craft a workout routine that is best suited to your needs. You may want to shed a few pounds or strengthen your muscles. If these are your goals, you may have to focus on intensity than quantity. This is actually a common theme for all goals. When you are in the gym, stay focused on the intensity level of your workout.

Try doing six or eight repetitions with extremely heavy weight that really pushes the limits of your ability, rather than twenty or more reps using a lighter weight that only challenges you on the last one or two lifts. You have to do less work, but thanks to the extra intensity, you get better results.

Timing Is Everything

The most crucial mistake people make is to getting the timing of working out wrong. Are you wondering what that means? When someone decides they want to get fit, they may randomly decide to workout multiple times a day. There is no reason to workout twice unless of course you wish to tire yourself out. Of course, there are a lot of experts who believe in this, however they are using supplement in order to speed up their recovery time or trick their genetics into thinking their bodies can handle such an intense workout. This is when the real work is being done.

It is between workouts that your body repairs and builds muscle, using fat as energy to do so.

The tips that have been listed here should not be ignored because they hold great value for those who want to do more. It is important work out, however having the right regimen to follow is a key issue. It is common for people to strongly regret wasting months on faulty routines. These tips should assist in maximizing your workouts every time you get to the gym or start a workout. Focus on the tips written here.

Here’s a great video with simple workouts for beginners. These workouts will only take 7 minutes for you to complete, but they work wonder and most importantly they get you started. Whatch it now and start today!

The Real Importance Of Water

You must have heard several times from your adults and physicians that water is extremely beneficial for your health.

Well, they were correct.

Drinking WaterMany say that a person should drink around eight glasses of water in a day and those too of about eight ounces each, but little do they know, the requirement of water depends upon your activities, whether you are in a working mode while doing bodyweight training or a resting mode. It also depends upon the temperature and your state of hydration. If you are hydrated, then you might need less than eight glasses, but if you are dehydrated, you will require more than eight glasses. It actually is based on your needs, rather than the actual amount that is set.

Everyone drinks or eat whatever their body needs, same is with water.

Drinking less water is harmful to your body as it can cause damage to the organs, and drinking plenty of water can be beneficial for these organs.

Be it your skin, your kidneys, liver, they all need their targeted amount in order to function properly. If they do not get the required amount, they become weak hence the premature aging.

Every single part of the body needs to stay hydrated or else they start showing sign of weakness. For example, if your skin is well hydrated, it will appear as smooth, glowing, soft, and beautiful. If it is dry at all times, then there will be a time when you will start noticing the signs of aging. It can make your skin look older with wrinkles.

Wonder why you are low at all times? Why you are out of energy all the time?

It is all because of the small intake of water. You get headaches, mood swings, etc.

Less intake of water can also cause bloating and you will not be able to get rid of all that fat which you are consuming on daily basis.

Water does many wonders to your body. It helps you lose all that fat really quickly, because it gets your liver working on getting rid of all the fat that is stored. Make sure to provide plenty of water to your liver, so it works hard in eliminating all the fat that you do not need.

Have a bear belly and thinking why?

It is because of the alcohol you are consuming. Alcohols makes your liver function very slowly, so the fat you are trying to get rid of is just staying there, rather than being eliminated. It is better for your health to avoid alcohol.

Always drink lots and lots of water, especially when you do some workouts as you can learn at, so you look healthy, fit, and beautiful.

Weight Loss Tips To Get Your Ideal Body

Weight LossThere is certainly more to slimming down than causing your image. Slimming down may help you to get more energy and boost your way of life.

You don’t need to sacrifice taste while attempting to lose weight. It was once that weight-loss foods were bland food. If you hope to still consume foods that taste good while continuing in your weight at the same time, now there are a good amount of healthy sweeteners as well as other additives that mean improved taste without making use of extra calories or carbs.This is a great tactic.

Slimming down is easy if you achieve cardiovascular routine. Known as “cardio“,” this sort of exercise includes running, biking, speed walking and any other activity that increases your heart rate.

Drinking a little sized protein shake will help you keeping from getting hungry.

Pack a good lunch for work or school. This puts you in command of what and how much food as you have to be eating. Managing your portions is vital to helping people maintain healthy weight and maintain on track.

If you’re attempting to lose weight, keep a good amount of healthy snacks within your house. Buy a large resealable container. Ready your veggies, fill the foot of the container with ice and a modest amount of water and store the vegetables in the refrigerator. You are more likely to grab a basic and healthy snack that is certainly easy to take along with you!

Yogurt is an excellent weight loss companion. Try to opt for plain or raw and low calorie yogurt. Also you can add fresh fruit to plain yogurt and avoid sugars which might be seen in many yogurts out there. Yogurt not merely tastes good supply of calcium but calcium can help you have stronger bones.

Watch the calories in your beverages when you’re looking to shed unwanted pounds. All beverages aside from water contain calories.

Eating as much as 20 g of sugar using a workout may be good for you.

If you cook a proper dinner, make a bit extra to have for the upcoming day’s lunch. A chicken salad may become an excellent meal for your lunch. And also this allow you to fix a fairly easy lunch without a great deal of planning.

If weight loss programs never seem to get results for you, you might want to explore “Alli”. This drug blocks a specific percentage of food fat from being digested in your body. It merely leaves our bodies as waste. This as well as other supplements could be good when you have a tough time shedding weight.

Plan meals beforehand to make sure you can adhere to your diet. This can help you from making rash meal decisions that will not be healthy. Ensure you comply with your renegade diet plan. If you want to, but do not substitute fast food for meals that you do not have time and energy to plan for, you may exchange meals from a day to another one. Cooking can be a meal in your house will burn more calories than sitting in the drive-thru.

Use a calendar when you are dieting. Instead of only noting meetings and birthdays, you must schedule your exercise sessions. This will help inspire you do what you’re expected to do.

A before picture can get you motivated as you may work to accomplish your goals. In addition they inspire other individuals in your own life who happen to be trying to lose weight.

The helpfulness of your tips you possess just been given will amaze you. There is absolutely no one way to lose weight, there are a lot of ways this could happen. Experiment with some of these tips and relish the beginning of the journey towards a slimmer, healthier you.

South Beach Diet

As low-carb dieting gained in popularity, the South Beach Diet was seen as a reasonable alternative to the more restrictive Atkins Diet. In fact, it is less radical than Atkins in many ways while also being more restrictive in others. For instance, during the first “induction” phase of the Atkins diet, you are allowed to eat all the protein and fat you want. Atkins makes no distinction between saturated and unsaturated fats. You could eat surf and turf with melted butter over the top every day, if you wanted. You will lose weight as long as you avoid carbs completely.

South Beach Diet Bars
The South Beach Diet takes the middle road by allowing some carbs but severely limiting the amount of saturated fats a dieter is permitted to eat. Though this is most strict during the initial phase of the plan, the idea is that you should seek to limit saturated fats as much as possible thereafter. So, you are allowed some nuts and a small amount of low-fat dairy in the beginning. For protein, the South Beach Diet encourages the lean proteins, especially those rich in omega-3 like fish. Chicken and eggs are also permissible.

With the South Beach Diet, you must really think about what you put into your mouth as opposed to the Atkins Diet which has simpler rules the first few weeks, consisting of basically meat, eggs and a daily salad. As you get started with the South Beach Diet, you will definitely have to do your grocery shopping and meal planning ahead of time to be sure you  hit all the recommended nutritional requirements. The upside of this, however, is that actually eating meals is a far more satisfying experience. Boredom with the Atkins Diet is common and far less likely on the South Beach Diet. The variety can help keep you from becoming bored with your diet which, in turn, increases the chance that you will follow through on your goals.

The initial phase of the South Beach Diet is the most challenging. It lasts for about two weeks during which dieters can expect to go through all the difficult changes that occur when nearly eliminating carbs from the diet. However, the South Beach Diet allows you to eat a lot of vegetables, beans and even cheese. After this period, fruit is permitted as is wine and whole-grains. Unlike Atkins, South Beach allows you to eat whole-grain pasta in moderation after you get through the induction period.

Though all low-carb diets essentially work the same way, the South Beach Diet aims to make the experience less jarring than Atkins. Though it will still be a fairly radical departure from your normal eating habits, you can at least look forward to foods such as cheese and vegetables. The goal of South Beach is to teach you to enjoy the right foods and learn to incorporate them into your daily life. Hopefully, your newfound energy and slim physique will make this even easier!